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HSS Slitting Cutters

HSS Slitting Cutters are widely demanded in various industries for cutting and slitting. The saw blade can tolerate high temperature during the cutting of hard stainless steel. The high cutting resistance with minimum friction is one of the major attributed of these cutters. These blades are available in different types of finishes.

Available in different finishes:

  • TiN - Titanium Nitride: for cutting steel tubes and profiles at higher speeds
  • TiALN - Titanium Aluminium Nitride: for fast cutting applications and very hard materials with protection from higher temperatures
  • TiCN - Titanium Carbon Nitride: for cutting all steel types including


  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Extended life of cutting blade
  • Suitable for high speed cutting work
  • Protection from high temperature
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Sharp cutting edges
  • Burr- free cutting


  • Ferrous metal
  • Non ferrous metal industry

HSS Slitting Saws

HSS Slitting Saws are especially suited manual, semi- automatic and fully automatic sewing machines. These are suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys, tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections. Capable of cutting a wide range of medium to hard materials, these slitting saws are manufactured for ferrous metal and nonferrous metal industry. All the blades are properly hardened to 63/64 HRC, pressed quenched and triple tempered to give the fastest saw possible.


  • Also suitable for general slotting or cut-off operations
  • Fastest sawing
  • Capable of cutting wide range of materials with different hardness
  • Burr- free finish
  • Precise cutting with no sparks


  • Non-ferrous metal industry
  • Ferrous metal industry
  • Pipes and tubes industry
  • Construction industry

Slitting Machine Knives

Slitting Machine Knives have long service life, up to 8 times compared to standard. These are specially designed for high performance and precision cutting applications. Capable of splitting medical, film and foil, these knives are also best for assembling electronic components.


  • Better cutting performance
  • Can sustain high temperature applications
  • Clean cutting edges
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Protect against static build-up
  • Higher levels of blade durability


  • Medical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Packaging industry

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