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Aluminum Cutting Saws

Aluminum cutting saws is suitable to be used with electric mitre saws, radial arm saws, table saws and circular saws. This type of saw is specially designed for quick and accurate cutting of aluminum profiles. It ensures a burr free mirror finish and is also suitable for repetitive accurate gang sawing, slotting and cutting. Our range of aluminum cutting saws provides the cleanest cuts, both in solid and extruded aluminum with straight & burr-free cuts. Guarantees safe operation without sparks, heat or burr, this is also a good choice for hardwoods and harder metals and more brittle plastics.


  • Cut quickly and accurately
  • Fully hardened and tensioned body
  • Tough and safe to use
  • Burr free mirror finish
  • Suitable for both hard and brittle materials
  • Precision ground carbide tips
  • Sturdy design
  • Sharp cutting edges


  • Aluminum Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Copper Tube Industry

Aluminum Cutting Blades

Aluminum cutting blades saws is widely used for cutting both thick and thin aluminum profiles. Ensure burr-free and accurate cutting of materials without sparks and heat, these blades is suitable to be used in different types of saws like electric mitre, radial arm, table and circular. Providing the cleanest cuts, these are perfect for cutting solid as well as extruded aluminum with straight & burr-free cuts.


  • Burr free mirror finish without sparks and heat
  • Suitable for both hard and brittle materials
  • Quick and accurate cutting
  • Fully hardened and tensioned body
  • Sturdy design
  • Sharp cutting edges
  • Tough design for adverse conditions
  • Carbide tips


  • Aluminum Profile Making Industry
  • Plywood Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Copper Industry

Product Range:

Dia Teeth Arbor Kerf
4" 36 20mm .055"
7-1/4" 60 5/8"KO* .079"
8" 60 5/8" .087"
8-1/4" 60 5/8"KO* .087"
8-1/2" 60 5/8"KO* .087"
10" 60 5/8" .087"
10" 80 5/8" .094"
10" 100 5/8" .094"
12" 80 1" .110"
12" 100 1" .110"
14" 100 1" .118"
15" 100 1" .118"
16" 120 1" .134"

Metal Cutting Saws

Our entire range of Metal Cutting Saws comprises of several designs with different configurations for different metals like steel, thin steel, aluminum and many others. We can customize these cutting saws with blade configuration, carbide grade, and number of teeth & the shape of the teeth. Due to the unique metallurgy of the blades, very little friction is created for cutting.


  • Stay sharp for long time
  • Resists material build-up on teeth
  • Titanium carbide tipped
  • Less burr than abrasive blades
  • No need for secondary grinding
  • Clean and cool cuts
  • Reduced material burning
  • Modified triple chip grind
  • Resharpenable


  • Aluminum Industry
  • Copper Industry
  • Brass Industry
  • Construction And Structural Industry
  • Roofing And Decking Industry

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